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Installation, Painting, Video Art

Combining paintings, installations, audio and video, the Living Space project is a new reality reflecting a subjective perception of time and personal boundaries. Each of the artists' grand-scale paintings features the actual living space of real people, but there are segments of "alternate" reality incorporated into these "illustrations," be it a spacecraft being launched or a paintball match being played, these details fill the private, inviolable space with surreal overtones. According to the artist, it is this method that "makes it possible to show the labyrinths of proxemics more broadly." This term, proxemics, was introduced by American anthropologist Edward T. Hall in the 1950s to denote the way people construct their microspace and organize their homes. Looking at the Living Space exhibition from this perspective, it may be said that this show is deeply psychological. The characters in the paintings find themselves in a transformed environment, with visitors intruding into their private space, something that mercilessly testifies to the fact that there is no way to keep and hide your private life from the eyes of other people. This contrast between the everyday routine and seemingly absurd situations that the characters are depicted in, between the calm and emotional scenes, between the loose, relaxed poses of the characters and the claustrophobic, cramped spaces - all of this feels both real and impossible at one and the same time.

1_Gretsky_Kats_Living_Space_Buffering_oil bars_oil pastel_on_canvas_video_331cmx500cm_2017
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